Fellowship 3 Dinner

When: Friday April 21st or Saturday April 22nd

What: A pitch-in dinner with 3 families and a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level

Where: A host family’s home

How it works: Sign up to host or attend and specify which date works best for your family. Return completed section by April 9th. The Fellowship Team will assign host/guest family and notify host of their guest families by April 12th. The host family will be responsible for contacting their guest families and arranging dinner time and menu.

Cut bottom section and return to Erin Futrell, Joe Arnold or Kim Johnson by April 9, 2017

Our family would like to host ______ or attend _______

Friday April 21 ________ or Saturday April 22 _______

Name __________________________________________

Number of Family Members Attending ____________

Contact Number _____________________________

Call ______ or Text ___________