“God is love.” 1 John 4:8

God loves everyone! That includes each of us, individually and equally.

To understand God’s love, we must first understand God’s holiness. God is holy. The Old and New Testament both record angelic creatures worshipping God by exalting His Holiness with triple emphasis, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

God’s holiness has both a positive and negative side. On the positive side, He has a pure moral character. On the negative side, He hates all sin. His pure moral character takes the form of His laws, which includes both commands and penalties. His hatred of all sin takes the form of wrath, which is the punishment we deserve.

Because God is a holy God, He has given us commands to obey. When we disobey there are penalties because holiness demands punishment.

The good news is that God is also a God of love. If He were only a God of holiness, we would be in a desperate situation.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.” John 3:16

Theologian Dr. Jack Cottrell, states, in his book, God, “God’s love is his self-giving affection … his unselfish concern for (our) well-being that lead Him to act on (our) behalf and for (our) … welfare.”

God’s love can not, and will not, condone allowing us to act as we please; that would not be in our best interest.

Our children have accused us, “If you loved me you would let me ______.” They can not yet comprehend that it is our love for them that does not “let” them.

God’s love, as reflected in His commands, prohibits us from participating in something harmful. He loves us too much to sit by and watch us destroy our lives and our ability to be with Him for eternity.

God loves us unconditionally. However, to spend eternity with Him, we must do as He says.