Our Heritage

The Oak Forest Congregation began in August, 1957 in a little block building on St. Mary’s Road in Oak Forest as a church plant. The Mother congregation was the Brookville Church of Christ in Brookville, Indiana. In 1962, the congregation moved into a new facility on Shop Road. With additional growth came the need for additional space. Therefore, in 1992 an addition was added to the Shop Road building. As the congregation continued to be faithful to God’s will, there was a need to expand the facility once again. This addition meant another new location. In 2003, ground was broken on the church’s 30 acres of land just outside of Brookville on St. Mary’s Road. Through the years, the congregation has built buildings and moved physical locations, but the church’s foundation has always remained on the Rock of Jesus.

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Remember Our Past
Written by Elder Mid Hokey, 1998
The land for the church building was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Slagle. This land, located on Shop Road, is still the meeting place for the church and was deeded by Bradley Slagle to the trustees of the Oak Forest Church of Christ and their successors in office. The trustees were Robert Grims, A.B. Sparks, and Leo Tincher. This transaction was completed on July 24, 1961. The work on the new building soon began and it went on with volunteer labor. The first meeting was held on Sunday “the Labor day weekend” in 1962. Now, as congregational growth has the leaders pondering the construction of yet another, larger building, the question is ‘will the congregation move on down the road again?’ We hope and pray that whatever occurs, the Lord’s will may be done. We humbly give thanks for the victories of the past. When we think of the many people we have seen baptized into Christ, we pray that the trials, problems, and disappointments of the past will fade from memory so we can see the great victories we have experienced and pray for more victories to come. We hope and pray that the church will remain true to God’s Word. We pray that we will always have leaders who will know and follow God’s Word. Remember the leaders and builders who struggled through the years when the “church” was a building, and keep record names, dates ,ect. in the future. But don’t forget: ‘love one another.’ The Oak Forest Church stands at an important crossroads at the present time. Once more, we ask you to be in prayer that the right decisions will be made. And remember this: the first service in the present building was on Labor Day. Let’s keep on “laboring” for the Lord every day.
Looking Toward Our Future
Written by Minister Jim Webster, 2004
The leaders of our congregation have led us “on down the road” as Mid asked in his 1998 reflection. They have led us both physically and spiritually down the road. Our physical location will be 13071 St. Mary’s Road. Our spiritual location is moving on down the road toward MATURITY in Christ. This congregation has a great past. We have a strong foundation in Jesus from the past saints who have grown and served our Lord here. Even with such a great past, we know that our future can be even greater. We will build on the faithfulness to God’s word by standing where the Bible stands. We will build on the love for people outside of Jesus by telling others the Good News of Jesus as we go. We will build on the “family” atmosphere by showing love and acceptance. A new physical location is not our goal , but it will be a valuable asset to reach our goal. Our goal is to fulfill the command of Jesus, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Our future plans are beyond filling up a new building; they are to reach out and to share the Good News of Jesus with everyone in Franklin County. We know that many will not accept the invitation to come into a personal relationship with Jesus, but our responsibility is to give everyone an invitation so they have a choice to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are looking forward to a great future but we are aware that Satan will do all in his power to prevent growth. We will remain faithful to Jesus and know that, "the One who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world" (1 John 4:4).